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Beaver River Central School District
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BRCS Exit Standards  

Beaver River Exit Standards


  1. Be and Effective Communicator

ÿ       Listens effectively

ÿ       Reads with understanding

ÿ       Writes effectively

ÿ       Presents articulately

ÿ       Uses appropriate technology


  1. Acts as a Responsible Citizen

ÿ       Demonstrates responsibility

ÿ       Shows respect for self and others

ÿ       Practices environmental conservation


  1. Be Perceptive Thinkers

ÿ       Applies knowledge from a variety of resources and content areas

ÿ       Develops and applies organizational and problem-solving skills

ÿ       Establishes priorities and achievable goals


  1. Demonstrate Cooperative Skills

ÿ       Identifies and supports group goals

ÿ       Initiates ideas

ÿ       Demonstrates the ability to perform different roles within the group

ÿ       Considers different points of view

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