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Booster Club  


Any athlete that is out for a sport automatically becomes a member of the All Sports Booster Club.  It is your choice as an athlete whether or not you choose to pursue to become actively involved with the Booster Club.  There are many opportunities throughout each year to earn money towards individual equipment or sports camps.  You can choose to work in the concession stand, work at the admission table, do a fundraiser that the Booster Club initiates or help out at a sporting event to earn points.

For further information and details look at the All Sports Booster Club Point System page and the Request for Funds Form.

If you have further questions please contact school staff; Wanda Joslin, Mitch Fidler, Sheila Neddo, Theresa Kempney , Tracy Adams, Amy Purcell, Rebecca Dunckel-King, or community members; Donna Farney, Brenda Nortz 346-6256, Amy Erker, Todd & Marcia Ortlieb 376-1669.

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