Scholarship Information





*Note on deadlines*-Parents and students are sometimes confused by the listed deadlines on scholarships.  At times there may be up to three dates listed: an early date listed in our newsletter and our leaflets, one advertised by local organizations sponsoring the scholarships and possibly a later date listed by a state or national sponsor.  Which date should you use?  The answer is to go by the date listed by the Beaver River Guidance Office.  Why? Almost every academically based scholarship needs to have an official transcript sent by our office and signed by Mr. Barrett.  Our office will process several hundred transcripts of current and past students this year.  To ensure accuracy and that we meet the ultimate deadline set by the scholarship’s sponsors, we set earlier deadlines to allow for that processing time.  Please refer to our school’s website ( and the leaflets sent to the twelfth grade English class for these specific dates.  Unless otherwise listed, scholarship applications can be obtained in the Guidance Office.  Plan ahead.  Important:  Many scholarships and college applications will ask for the BRCS CEEB code. This code is 330-365.