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The Red Brick Project


The Red Brick Project

By: Kylie Simpson, SAP  - Mountain View Prevention Services

 If you wandered the halls of school in the past month you may have noticed a brick wall in the lobby that has never been there before.  To start the school year off, students in grades 6-12 were asked to reflect upon the negative impact that substance use has on people’s lives.  This could have been a personal experience or something they have seen a family member or friend go through.  The idea behind this project was to make students and adults alike take notice. 

For students, it was to show there are consequences for their actions.  It may not happen immediately, but at some point their destructive decisions will catch up to them.  For others it shows they are not alone in their experiences or feelings.  Somewhere on the wall there is someone going through something similar to them.  And for the rest it proves that not everyone is doing it.  Not all students approve of substance use and instead choose to be drug free.

As adults we need to recognize that our own use has an effect on those around us, and it does not go unnoticed.  Students look to the adults in their lives for guidance and support, and we need to live up to that role by setting a good example of what a healthy lifestyle involves.  In our busy lives we often fail to identify that our students have stress too.  The statements collected allow us to take a step back and realize “No child should have to experience that at such a young age.”

Take this opportunity to talk to your kids about substance use.  Be a healthy role model for them and evaluate your own use.  Give your children the resources they need to make difficult decisions on their own.  If you have any questions about substance use or would like to make a student referral, you can contact me at school on Mondays or Tuesdays or by email at ksimpson@brcsd.org.

I would also like to thank the students for their help with this project.  Without your honesty this project would not have been possible.  And thank you to the teachers who helped collect the statements and for your support: Mrs. Staring, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. White, Mrs. Montague-Barrett, and Mrs. Mayer.   

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