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Backpack Food Program


Backpack Food Program

The Beaver River High School Student Council has selected Beaver River Central School to bring The Backpack Food Program to their families.  This pilot program is focused on ensuring students have nutritious food over the weekend during the normal school year.  Beaver River Central School was selected because 80% of those students are at or below the poverty level.  It is anticipated this program will be replicated in other schools community wide in the future.

The Backpack Food Program will provide backpacks filled with healthy food choices for students over the weekend.  The meals provided are to encourage healthy eating habits for the families.  Some of the items will be whole grains and fruits, consisting of vitamin-fortified 100% juice and decreased overall fat content.

The backpacks will be distributed to children at school on Fridays.  Each backpack will provide child-friendly, nutritious, easy-to-prepare, non-perishable foods that can easily be consumed by the students.  The backpack will contain healthful foods such as fruit cups, juice, crackers, beef stew, ravioli, cereal, raisins, pudding, granola bars, etc.

The program will:

·    Alleviate the stress of parents over additional costs for food over the weekend;

·    Provide food for the families for the weekend so they are not hungry;

·    Assist in healthier eating.

If you are interested in donating money or items for this great cause, please contact either Shannon Bourcy at 346-1211 ext. 522, Wanda Joslin at 346-1211 ext. 525 or Tracy Adams at 346-1211 ext. 528.

The names of all families that participate will be kept confidential. 


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