New Courses in the Middle School

New Courses in Middle School
Posted on 02/15/2019

Many parents have been asking about the new courses appearing on report cards. Here is a brief synopsis of some of this coursework:

Career and Technical Education (CTE) 7-1

This course is taught by Mrs. Remington-Smith (Business Dept.) and Mr. Bush (Technology). This half-year course will allow students to spend 10 weeks working toward mastery of keyboarding skills and learning how to use Google software to produce projects and written assignments. In addition, students will complete 5 weeks of material processing (woodworking) with Mr. Bush, followed by 5 weeks of LEGO Robotics. 

Career and Technical Education (CTE) 7-2:

The second half of the year, students will engage in skillsets taught by Mrs. Birchenough (Family and Consumer Science), and Ms. Taylor (Agriculture.) With Ms. Taylor they will spend ten weeks conducting research about where food comes from and investigating four types of farming: sustainable, organic, family and factory farming. These experiences will culminate in a “Farm to Fork” project to research questions about food production, processing, and distribution. In Family and Consumer Science with Mrs. Birchenough, students will be learning basic cooking skills, including identification of kitchen paraphernalia, kitchen safety, and measuring in a culinary setting.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) 8:

This course is taught exclusively by Mrs. Remington Smith in the Business Department as a half year course. The primary objective of this class is to engage in career exploration using information about personal skills, aptitudes, abilities, and interests to find new and exciting career paths. Students will also gain real world financial literacy skills including: how to apply for a checking account, using checks and debit cards, and understanding credit. Additionally, students will build soft skills for future career success including participation in a mock interview, creating a letter of interest and resume for a potential career, and building personal communication skills.

Media Literacy 6:

Media Literacy is a new course this year for 6th grade students, taught by Ms. Thisse, Mr. Zehr, and Mrs. White. The goal of this course is to enrich the reading of students through various sources of media including books, magazines, newspapers, internet sources, social media, television, and artificial intelligence. This broad view of media integrates 21st century sources that will strategically aid students in navigating our ever changing literacy landscape.