Beaver River Central School District
9508 Artz Road
Beaver Falls, NY 13305
Phone: 315-346-1211

High School  



Welcome to Beaver River Central High School


Beaver River Central Exit Standards

1.   Be effective communicators

a.   Listens effectively

b.   Reads with understanding

c.   Writes effectively

d.   Presents articulately

e.   Uses appropriate technology

2.   Act as responsible citizens

a.   Demonstrate responsibility

b.   Shows respect for self and others

c.   Practices environmental conservation

3.   Be perceptive thinkers

a.   Applies knowledge from a variety of resources and content areas

b.   Develops and applies organizational and problem solving skills

c.   Establishes priorities and achievable goals

4.   Demonstrate cooperative skills

a.   Identifies and supports group goals

b.   Initiates ideas

c.   Demonstrates the ability to perform different roles within the group

d.   Considers different points of view






Jake Ledoux and Senator Gillibrand - click for larger image
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Jake Ledoux and Senator Gillibrand

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