Career Exploration

Exposing kids to both traditional and non-traditional career options is a great way to help them work toward planning a future career path. 

1. Visit to access a variety of useful career exploration, career and college planning, and helpful self-assessments that give you more information about learning styles, study habits, and more. 

2. Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website to gain access to information about many different career paths (Occupational Outlook Handbook), current career trends, and much more. 

3. O*Net Online is a website that allows you to explore over 900 career paths, searchable in many ways (career cluster, highest earning etc...). You can even search careers related to specific interests and abilities. This is an excellent exploration tool for middle and high school students. 

4. GPS for Success is an incredible career exploration resource, as it offers video clips and written information about many career paths. The site is organized to help you search by choose one of the 16 major career clusters. Students can then access information about many careers within the cluster, as well as LOCAL businesses that fall into the career path. This is an especially useful resource for students planning to stay in Upstate New York as a part of his/her career plan. 

5. NY Career Zone is a "portfolio" style exploration tool. It first engages you in self-assessments to narrow down careers that may be of interest, learning styles that work best for you, or even types of work that best suit you. Those results produce listings of many career that you can explore. There is a login process, that allows your data and searches to be saved.