Just for Parents

As much as moving to middle school is a change for students, it is also a big change for parents. This transition is marked by the new expectation of student independence. Though sometimes overwhelming at first, requiring students to begin taking more ownership over his/her learning is an important part of helping them learn and grow. 

In elementary school, students and parents alike, are used to having one point of contact for information about academic progress and behavioral expectations. Middle school means there are many teachers in one students’ day, thus dissemination of information looks different. Here are some helpful links to help you navigate our Middle School. 

1. Parent Portal
Parent Portal is an online tool that allows you, the parent, to monitor your child’s grades on each assignments. Teachers usually update grades on a weekly basis.
Because of the volume of students at each grade level, middle school teachers do not send daily or weekly information to parents about student progress. Instead, they upload it to your students’ profile on Parent Portal so that you may view it at any time. There is also a user guide enclosed in this packet to help you navigate the portal once you have logged in.

To access Parent Portal, you must fill out a form that our Information Technology department uses to set up your account. If you do not have an account, please contact Judy Ward in the Guidance Office for the paperwork. 

2. Progress Reports

Every five weeks you will be mailed a student progress report; one in the middle and end of each quarter. This will give you an idea of your students’ academic average in each subject.  If your student is not meeting academic expectations, you are welcome to contact an individual teacher. You can contact Mrs. Monnat in the Guidance Office if you would like to set up a meeting with all core teachers.

3. When To Contact The Teacher

If you are using Parent Portal and you are concerned about grades, you are encouraged to email or call the teacher of that subject directly. That teacher may provide insights to help you have a conversation with your student about your concerns.

If, after talking with individual teachers, your concerns continue to grow about your students’ OVERALL progress, you are welcome to set up a meeting with the core subject teachers.  You can call Mrs. Monnat in the Guidance Office (315-346-1211 ext. 520) to arrange a meeting. These meeting occur during the school day during common planning times of staff at each grade level. 

On occasion, the core subject teachers will be concerned about a student and reach out to the Guidance Office to set up a meeting with parents. Mrs. Monnat will arrange a meeting, if teachers feel it is necessary, to give more feedback than progress reports can provide.

4.  Weekly Assigments

What is a parent to do when your student tells you that there is “no homework tonight?” How about we give you a tool to help!? All core subject teachers will be uploading weekly assignments to the Middle School (Guidance) Counseling page at the link above. You can access this information on the website anytime and check in with your student about homework progress. Working together with parents is an important part of students success.