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Mrs. Heather Pellam

With the beginning of the school year, the cafeteria staff and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all students and staff back to school and to the cafeteria. School lunch is a balanced meal that will provide approximately 1/3 of the daily nutritional requirements your child needs each day for good health, learning and growth.

Beaver River Central School Food Service is meeting tough new federal nutrition standards for school meals, ensuring that meals are healthy, well-balanced and provide students all the nutrition they need to succeed at school. Now is a great time to encourage your kids to choose school lunch.

School meals offer students milk, fruits and vegetables, proteins and grains, and they must meet strict limits on saturated fats and portion size. School meals, lunch and breakfast meet additional standards requiring:

  • Age-appropriate calorie limits
  • Larger servings of fruits and vegetables (students must take at least one serving of produce)
  • A wider variety of vegetables, including dark green and red/orange vegetables and legumes.
  • Fat-free or 1% milk (flavored milk must be fat-free)
  • More whole grains and less sodium

We’re always looking to offer BRCS students healthier and tastier choices. School meals are a great value and a huge convenience for busy families with meal prices at K-5, $2.40 and grades 6-12, $2.50 for lunch and all grades K-12, $1.60 for breakfast.

The breakfast and school lunch menus are distributed on a monthly basis in the elementary and are on the web at Beaver River Central School.  Menus are subject to change without notice when certain unforeseen circumstances occur. The menus are also broadcast on WLLG 99.3 FM and Froggy 97 every school day morning.

Families who believe they qualify for free or reduced price meals should complete the enclosed application and return it to the school as soon as possible. An application for free or reduced lunch benefits may be filled out at anytime during the school year. To obtain benefits at the start of school, please complete and return the application soon.  If your family is new to the school system or first-time recipients of free or reduced price meal benefits, you should call the food service manager, Mrs. Pellam at 346-1211, extension  560 OR if you would simply like help completing the form please give Mrs. Pellam a call.

We feel the meal programs are very important to the students at Beaver River. Only through participation is the program successful.  If you, at anytime during the school year, have a question or concern about your breakfast and lunch programs or would like to apply for free or reduced benefits, please call Mrs. Pellam at 346-1211, extension 560.

We look forward to a great year and invite all students to participate in the breakfast and lunch program at Beaver River.  Good luck to everyone in the 2022-2023 school year.